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2020.06.03 (Wed)

We have released a free download special page for Ninja Signage!

The ninja signage of Iga Ninja Kurosuke is now complete! ! ! We have set up a free download page specially, so please use it. At the same time, two new LINE stamps are available! ! ! IGANINJA KUROSUKE NEW LINE STUMP ①

2020.05.25 (Mon)

Ninja Trail Running Race 2020 Tournament Canceled

Ninja Trail Running Race 2020 Canceled Notice This year's Ninja Trail Running Race will be canceled. Since the declaration of an emergency issued by the government on April 4, the number of infected persons has been decreasing to some extent due to the voluntary refraining from activities to avoid the crowding of people. Following the cancellation of the declaration of emergency in 7 prefectures on the 14th of this month and the cancellation of Kyoto, Osaka, and Hyogo on the 39st, the remaining cities at the end of the month ...

2020.05.15 (Fri)

Crowdfunding of Mr. Kurihara from "Old Folk House in Iga" started!

The crowdfunding of Mr. Kurihara, an old folk house in Iga, started today! It's a really nice old farmhouse. Below are the details. We will create a watercress field and a BBQ space that everyone can enjoy in “Bonn”, a farmer's lodging facility in Iga no Satoyama. We look forward to your support. Click here for https: // ...

2020.05.10 (Sun)

[Atsumori] [Atsumaru Animal Crossing] Iga Ninja "Kurosuke" distributes my design ID!

[Atsumori] [Atsumaru Animal Crossing] Iga Ninja "Kurosuke" will be handed out my design ID! ! ID: MO-JSCW-GRFT-N1MK Kurosuke Kuroko who is devoted to Kuroko I like to entertain people around the world who can enjoy the credit of Kurosuke when I am encouraged, I hate losing and losing I always have a sense of speed # Animal Crossing #Atsumori #MyDesign ...

2020.03.26 (Thu)

Report on launch of “Iga Rice Smoothie” and “Namamochurin” using Iga rice

Iga City Hall and Mayor Okamoto have reported the launch of “Iga Rice Smoothie” and “Namamochurin” using Iga rice. It will be on sale at Oyamada Sarubino Onsen from March 3. Rice smoothie

2020.03.11 (Wed)

3/28 "Iga Ninja" Experience, Launch Event: Venue Sarubino Hot Spring

"Rice smoothie" using Iga sticky rice and "Namamochurin" using Basho konjac released from "Iga Ninichi" on March 3 will be added to the Oyamada Sarubino hot spring menu. Things have been decided! "Iga Ninja" is a variety of programs where you can experience the real ninja by stimulating "mind, skill, and body" in the original landscape, culture, and everyday life of Japan raised in the villages of Iga. On this day, experience programs picked up and in Mie Prefecture ...


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