Announcing rice cake smoothie rice smoothie using Iga sticky rice


Announced rice cake smoothies `` Rice Smoothie '' and `` Namamo Churin '' using Iga's sticky rice

New texture smoothies and puddings using sticky rice from Iga.

`` Iga Rice Smoothie, '' which is arranged in a modern-style portable food to increase the absorption rate of glutinous rice with high nutritional value, is a smoothie like simmering sticky “drinking sticky”, and the flavor is plain, 3 types of banana and spinach

Iga Shinobu pop-up has been decided on March 3 at Tokyo Nakameguro OPEN NAKAMEGURO!
For a limited time, "Rice smoothie" and "Namamochurin" are on sale.

Nakameguro Crossover 153F, 0051-1-XNUMX Kameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo XNUMX-XNUMX
Time: 11:18 to XNUMX:XNUMX
Take out possible

Information will be updated as soon as the release in Iga is decided. .

Rice smoothie banana

Rice smoothie spinach

On sale at the Oyamada Sarubino Onsen site, named after Matsuo Basho
Bamboo konjac used Namamochurin.

The glutinous rice texture retains the gentle sweetness and firmness of the Japanese purin “Namamochurin”

Enjoy a little sightseeing experience as a place where you can feel the “Iga's charm through food” while enjoying “the best ninja meal in the world”.


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