Ninja Trail Running Race 2020 Tournament Canceled


Ninja Trail Running Race 2020 Canceled Notice

This year's Ninja Trail Running Race will be canceled.
Since the declaration of emergency by the government on April 4, the number of infected persons has been decreasing to some extent due to the voluntary refraining from activities to avoid crowding. Following the cancellation of the declaration of emergency in 7 prefectures on the 14th of this month and the cancellation of Kyoto, Osaka, and Hyogo on the 39st, the government will make a decision toward the cancellation of the remaining prefectures at the end of the month.
Even after the cancellation, it is expected that the government will continue to demand new lifestyles to avoid the three-way traffic, and to refrain from moving across unnecessary prefectures.
As we entered into such a new phase, we had a lot of discussions in the executive committee about what a trail running event should be in the future.
Since the race itself is held in an open area, it is unlikely that there will be any risk of infection among athletes.

However, the environment in which more than 1,300 athletes and staff gather at the main venue of the race, Sarubino Onsen, cannot be secured because it is dense and close.

At this stage, we have decided that there is a certain degree of convergence and we cannot predict the future until safety is secured.

In addition, we are making this race with the goal of fostering a sustainable culture and sports culture for all the companies, local people, administrations, etc. who support the event.
Therefore, the current situation of all involved must also be considered.
We would like to hold an even more interesting race when the environment is in place, where not all runners are willing to support the race, but all the people involved.
Finally, to further enhance next year, we are developing a new category of courses announced at the end of last year and a plan to brush up the entire race. Please look forward to the 2021 Ninja Trail Running Race.

Until then, please take care of yourself, everyone, conquer the new coronavirus, and see you next year on the Ninja Trail.

May 2020, 5 Hiroyuki Egawa Chairman, Executive Committee


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