2/21 (Fri.) 1st "Iga Nindo" Experience Program Information Session


1st Iga Ninja Experience Program
(Providers / applicants wishing to participate in the project)
Notice of briefing session

"Shinobi no Sato Iga" Creation Project Dect Meeting The Farm Stay Model Project Implementation Council * is looking for those who can participate in the "Iga Nindo" program and project. A briefing session will be held for those who can approve.
We are looking for a positive and bright person who wants to do something interesting, want to do something interesting, want to increase friends, and send out Iga and Ninja to the world. Please feel free to join us.

* Consists of Oyamada Onsen Welfare Corporation, Iga City, Mie Prefecture, Japan Airlines, Mie University Iga Satellite, Round Pillar Community Development Council, Awa Residents' Autonomy Council, and Iga Ueno Tourism Association

◆ Date: February 2020, 2 (Fri) 21: 19-00: 20
◆ Location: Study Room B, 5th floor, Topo Iga XNUMX, Marunouchi Ueno, Iga City, Mie Prefecture
◆ Recruitment staff: 20 people
◆ Contents: "Iga Nindo" outline explanation, opinion exchange, exchange meeting
◆ Recruitment target: Those who can offer or offer an experiential program or private lodging that feels like Shinobi or Iga
A cheerful and positive person who is interested in "Iga Nindo" and wants to join and support the project
Regardless of age, nationality, gender

◆ What is "Iga Shinobi"?
This program provides a real ninja experience by stimulating "mind, skill, and body" in the original landscape, culture, and everyday life of Japan raised in Satoyama, Iga. Originally, ninjutsu is the practice of ninjutsu techniques and spirits, but it is not the well-known “the NINJA”, but many people can enjoy and enjoy the satoyama, skills, and culture that have supported shinobi. For the purpose. For more information, go to the Iga Nindo website https://iga-nindo.jp/

◆ Application method
① Apply from the "Iga Ninja" homepage
② Register for “Participation” by participating in “Iga Shinobu” facebook event
③ Fill out the necessary information on the separate application form and send it to the secretariat by fax.

◆ Inquiry / Application
"Shinobi no Sato Iga" Creation Project Meeting Farming Night Model Project Implementation Council
Secretariat: Oyamada Onsen Welfare Public Corporation
Email: info@iga-nindo.jp TEL: 0595-48-0268 FAX: 0595-48-9811
Telephone reception hours: 10: 00-17: 00 Closed on Tuesdays


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