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2020.05.10 (Sun)

[Atsumori] [Animal Crossing] My design ID distribution of Iga Ninja "Kurosuke"!

[Atsumori] [Animal Crossing] My design ID of Iga Ninja "Kurosuke" will be distributed! !! ID: MO-JSCW-GRFT-N1MK Kurosuke Kurosuke who is devoted to Kuroko I like to entertain people around the world who can enjoy the credit of Kurosuke when I notice it, I hate winning and losing I always have a sense of speed # Animal Crossing #Atsumori #My Design ...

2020.03.26 (Thu)

Report on launch of “Iga Rice Smoothie” and “Namamochurin” using Iga rice

I have reported to the Iga City Hall and Mayor Okamoto that "Iga Rice Smoothie" and "Namamochipurin" using Iga rice will be on sale. It will be on sale from March 3th at Oyamada Sarubi Onsen.Rice smoothie Namamochipurin ...

2020.03.11 (Wed)

3/28 "Iga Ninja" Experience, Launch Event: Venue Sarubino Hot Spring

"Rice smoothie" using glutinous rice from Iga and "Namamochipurin" using Basho konjac released from "Iga Nindo" on March 3 will be added to the menu of Oyamada Sarubi Onsen. Things have been decided! "Iga Ninja" is a variety of programs where you can experience the real ninja by feeling the stimulus of "mind, skill, and body" in the original scenery and culture of Japan raised in the satoyama of Iga, and in daily life.On this day, the experience programs picked up and in Mie prefecture ...

2020.03.04 (Wed)

Announcing rice cake smoothie rice smoothie using Iga sticky rice

Announcing "Rice Smoothie" and "Namamochipurin", a mochi smoothie that uses glutinous rice from Iga. A smoothie and pudding with a new texture that uses glutinous rice from Iga.The "Iga Rice Smoothie", which has been arranged into a modern portable food so that the highly nutritious glutinous rice has a higher absorption rate, is a smoothie that is like a "drinking mochi" with a thick and chewy texture, and the flavor is plain. Banana and spinach ...

2020.02.27 (Thu)

2/29 broadcast NHK Bratamori "Iga Ninja-Why did Iga become a village of" NINJA "?"

Bura Tamori "Iga Ninja-Why did Iga become the village of" NINJA "?-" NHK Saturday, February 2020, 2 29:7 pm (30 minutes) [Cast] Tamori, Risa Hayashida, [Talk] Tsuyoshi Kusanagi https: // ...

2020.01.29 (Wed)

2/21 (Fri.) 1st "Iga Nindo" Experience Program Information Session

Announcement of the 1st "Iga Nindo" Experience Program (for providers and those who wish to participate in the project) Information on "Shinobi no Sato Iga" Creation Project D-Cut Conference Agricultural Stay Model Project Implementation Council * is "Iga Shinobu" We are looking for people who can participate in the "Michi" program and projects.This time, we will hold a briefing session for those who agree.Somehow it looks interesting, I want to do something interesting, I want to increase my friends, Iga and Ninja in the world ...


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