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2020.01.14 (Tue)

Original IGANINJA goods on sale!

[video width = "1920" height = "1080" mp4 = ""] [/ video] Original goods "IGANINJA goods" Now on sale!It can be purchased online. https: // ...

2020.01.10 (Fri)

Miso making experience It has been changed to be held on January XNUMX for the convenience of the organizer.

[Notice] Due to the circumstances of the organizer, the event has been changed to January XNUMXst. Making miso and salted jiuqu / ...

2020.01.04 (Sat)

Goemon bath with Ishikawa Goemon fabric!

薪割、水汲み、湯沸かし、忍者修行の後にのどかな里山の中で五右衛門風呂に浸かってみませんか 詳しくは、

2020.01.04 (Sat)

How about nindo training?

石川五右衛門の生地で忍者修行はいかがでしょう 農家民泊もあり長期修行もあり! 海外からも多数修行希望者あり!新たな自分を見出しませんか。 詳しくは、

2020.01.04 (Sat)

Agriculture volunteer schedule has been added.

You can also get a volunteer certificate by participating.We are looking for people who want to experience farm work and feel "results" by volunteering.For details, see <Date> January 1 (Sun) Maintenance of Shiitake Mushroom Field Maintenance of greenhouse field Preparation of firewood for steaming dried potatoes February 26 Sun (Sat) Maintenance of Shiitake Mushrooms Maintenance of greenhouses Herb te ...

2019.12.24 (Tue)

The Ninja Trail Running Race 2020 has been scheduled!

  We will tell you the schedule of the 2020 Ninja Trail Running Race.The 4th Ninja Trail Running Race will be held on November 11st (Sun).Entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis from May 1st (Friday) to August 5st (Friday), and the deadline will be as soon as the capacity is reached.Details such as capacity and course will be announced as soon as they are decided, but 1 will be added to the regular course until this year ...


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