3/28 "Iga Ninja" Experience, Launch Event: Venue Sarubino Hot Spring

“Rice smoothie” using Iga sticky rice and “Namamochurin” using Basho konjac released from “Iga Nindo” on March 3 are added to Oyamada Sarubino hot spring menu. Things have been decided!
"Iga Ninja" is a variety of programs where you can experience the real ninja by stimulating "mind, skill, and body" in the original landscape, culture, and everyday life of Japan raised in the villages of Iga.
On this day, there are live programs picked up, the opening of cafes in Mie Prefecture, the artist etsuco from Mie Prefecture, and the live performance of Marin Yamamoto, who is also the ambassador for sightseeing in Iga City. And Kazuma Iwano will also appear! It is a day where you can experience the charm of Iga starting from being connected.

"Iga Ninja" experience, release event
Date: May 2020, 3
Venue: Sarubino Hot Spring
Time: 11: 00-16: 00
Admission free
Contents: LIVE (etsuco / Marin Yamamoto / Kazuma Iwano) Opened a store (NinomachiStreetCookie / NEW THINGS Coffee / BENTO Negure / AMAMILIVING) WORKSHOP )

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