Organic farm (farm night)


Street address
1567-1 Ishikawa, Iga City, Mie Prefecture
contact information
Business hours
9:00 - 18:00
5800 yen with breakfast per night + tax / XNUMX adult
One night without meals 5000 yen + tax / XNUMX adult
Limited to one set per day (accepted by two or more people)
* Children under elementary school age will be charged half the adult price.
* For dinner for more than 3000 people, we will prepare Gibier dishes and local dishes according to consultation. (Fee: from XNUMX yen)


An old private house BON is on the narrow side of the exciting road

The location is wonderful, and the time like a music like the wind and the sound of the birds is comfortable

You can spend a relaxing time relaxing and relaxing each day while drinking delicious herbal tea

Herb knowledge and a pleasant time with the owner who loves the satoyama will be passing quickly

Farming assistance and various experience programs are also held

Full of various plans to enjoy Iga!
Click here for the Ninja original plan

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