Outline of plan

"Mon" A Japanese "mon" that depicts the universe with circles and lines.The Japanese cypress plate, which is shaped like a plum, which is one of the crests, is made from recycled waste wood from the sacred tree.The original blended oil is made from the scented oil that the ninja used to train the fifth and sixth senses, and the hinoki cypress oil from Mie prefecture that was harvested from the thinned wood from the forest, and scented on the plate. ..All oils are 100% natural vegetable oils used in aromatherapy.It is the only sachet in the world with undyed silkworm's Iga braid. “Mon” are traditional japanese patterns and motifs depicting all things in the universe. The wood plate is shaped like a Plum blossom. Plum blossom have been one of the most beloved flowers in japan since ancient times.
Number of participants
1 to 10 name
5,000 JPY

Details of the plan

Stealth technology in modern times

◆ Schedule
13:30 Meeting / Start
* Communication with the five senses
* Shinobi and aroma
* What is aromatherapy?  
* Let's blend using the sixth sense!
* Aroma share time
* From aroma to future earth
* Aroma and tea time (original herbal tea and sweets)
15:30 End / Dissolution


◆Place Akai House
2491-1 Ueno Shinobimachi, Iga City, Mie Prefecture
0595 51-7578

◆ Sponsor aroma J. jinen from japan Ryoko Sato


◆ Ninja is an aroma therapist
One of the Ninja Godo's incense. Ninjas used the scent to enhance their fifth sense skills needed to master ninjutsu, and also used the scent to develop the sixth sense. In Ninjutsu Shichihode, when disguising into seven figures and performing intelligence activities, fragrance is important, such as using scents properly according to disguises, estimating the economy of the house and the size of the mansion from the scent attached to the kimono for person observation Was also a great source of information. A ninja who used the pharmacological effects of the scent to help control the spirit and also for self-care. He usually lives with the soil as a farmer.At dawn, he crosses the sun toward the sun and raises his energy with the energy of the sun. Prepare your mind. Ninjas respected the energy of nature and practiced aromatherapy.
Ninja skills that respect nature are similar to today's times. The scent of essential oils is the life of plants. From the blended oil, you can know your current state of mind and body. Sachet "mon" is a sachet born from the desire to enjoy the scent and to feel the connection of life and life from the scent.

Why are ninjas called aroma therapists?

Hide the identity so that you do not notice the ninja and blend into the city

For the ninja to blend into the city

Ninja Seven Laws (in disguise) (disguise)
Komusou, Ikeda (Shikke), Yamabushi, Merchant, Hokashi, Sarugaku, General people

But don't be confused! Disguise with incense!
The lawyer who does not smell the incense is suspicious, and there is no Yamabushi who does not smell the sesame. If you sell medicine,
The kimono shop had a unique scent such as characters and jinko, and wore the scent that suits the figure.
He had knowledge of Kodo and, behind the scenes, also pursued the scent of Shinobi

For the next ninja

Take a bath
Removes body odor and life odor with the aromatic component of the herbal bath
Pharmaceutical effects improve blood circulation and heal fatigue and wounds
Cleanse yourself and pay evil at Shobuyu in the afternoon festival

See through occupations
Observing people is also a ninja job. He used incense as a factor in his judgment, in addition to his face, language, and other works. The economic state of the house and the size of the house were inferred by the smell of incense on the kimono
You all know that ninjas had a well-developed pharmaceutical culture. The basis is
Excellent odor that smells herbs
Sensitive to incense
We asked for the fragrance of sandalwood, gingko, and sesame to help control our spirit. There was actually a pharmacological effect, and I was practicing what is now called aromatherapy.

I. Impressive demon ... sharpen your senses
D. Purifying the mind and body ... Purify the mind and body
XNUMX. Noji-no-stain-get rid of injuries
XNUMX. Nocturnal sleep ・ ・ ・ wake up drowsiness
XNUMX. Shizuka Shigenaka: Healing loneliness
XNUMX. Dust confession ...
XNUMX. Metamorphosis ... a lot does not get in the way
XNUMX. Oligophobic feet ... at least fragrant enough
XNUMX. Hisakura Immortality: Can be stored for a long time
XNUMX. No obstacle for regular use ・ ・ ・ No harm even if used regularly


`` Crest (Mon) ''
A Japanese crest that depicts all kinds of creatures with circles and lines. Japanese cypress plates in the shape of a plum, one of the crests, are made from the waste wood of sacred trees. The original blended oil is made from scented oil used by ninjas to train the 100th and XNUMXth senses, and cypress oil from Mie Prefecture, which is harvested from thinned timber from forests, and flavors the plate. . All oils are XNUMX% natural vegetable oils used in aromatherapy. It is the only sachet in the world where Iga braid of undyed silkworm is applied.

“Mon” are traditional japanese patterns and motifs depicting all things in the universe.The wood plate is shaped like a Plum blossom.Plum blossom have been one of the most beloved flowers in japan since ancient times.

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