Agricultural experience according to the season

Outline of plan

・ You can experience farming during the spring and autumn planting preparations and harvest time. You can experience compost fertilization, cultivation, ridge making, and planting for summer vegetable planting from the end of April. Rice planting experience in May, onions, garlic, wheat harvesting, harvesting, threshing, bread making in early June, and hand-picking blueberries from the village's Blueberry Agricultural Association from July to August.Harvest summer vegetables from time to time. You can participate in harvesting rice at the end of September, planting winter vegetables, harvesting sweet potatoes in October, planting winter vegetables, and so on.Clothes suitable for farm work, change of clothes, moisture, sun hat (hat, etc.)
Number of participants
Events over 1+
2,000 JPY

Details of the plan

Time: 10: 00-14: 00

・ Spring and autumn planting preparation, farming experience during harvest time. You can experience compost application, cultivation, furrowing and planting for planting summer vegetables from the end of April.

May planting experience,
Harvesting, cutting, threshing, bread making of onions, garlic and wheat in early June,
And from July to August, the blueberry farmers' union in the village picked blueberries. Summer vegetable harvest from time to time.
Harvesting rice at the end of September, planting winter vegetables,
And you can participate in the sweet potato harvest in October, planting winter vegetables and so on.

Clothing suitable for agricultural work, changing clothes, moisture, sunshade (hat etc.)

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