Handmade "Bashon Konjac" classroom (with hot spring bathing ticket for flowing hot springs)

Outline of plan

Basho konnyaku (about 2 chome) is made at the workshop on the premises of the sashimi hot spring. Konnyaku is made in 30 to 40 minutes, and it takes about 2 hours from fried to handing over to enter the hot spring that flows directly from the source. Let's wait for the completion. Japanese native konnyaku potatoes, konnyaku made without additives are excellent even with sashimi! "Basho konjac" means that when Basho once visited a friend in Konobi (near the Nenobi district / experience workshop), he fell asleep for a while due to high fever due to the tiredness of a long trip, and was not recovered by the treatment of a well-known doctor.Konnyaku, which is said to have recovered overnight after eating konnyaku made by a couple of friends, is served to important customers in the area. <Place / Reception> Sarubi's Handmade Bread Studio <Date> Every Thursday / Saturday / Sunday <Start Time> 11:30 <Time required> 2 hours <Reservation Deadline> Until the day before the experience <Minimum Departure> 45 person <Capacity > 000 people <Price> XNUMX yen / person (tax included) <Caution> As this is a food class, clean clothes, aprons, slings, and clothes that can be soiled with flour, etc.
Number of participants
1 name to 45 name
XNUM X yen / person

Details of the plan

Basho konnyaku (about 2 minutes) is made in the studio on the site of the Sarubino hot spring.

Konjac making is 30 to 40 minutes, about 2 hours from fry to handing over
In the waiting time, let's enter the hot spring flowing down from the source and wait for the completion
Konjac, a Japanese native konjac, made with no additives, even sashimi is exquisite!

With "basho konjac"
In the past, when Basho visited a friend of Konobu (Nenobi area, near the experience studio), he fell down for a while due to high fever from the fatigue of a long trip, and he did not recover with the treatment of a famous doctor. Konjac, which was supposedly recovered overnight after eating konjac made by a couple of friends, is served to important customers in the area.

<Place / Reception> Sarubi's homemade bread studio
<Date> Every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday
<Start time> 11:30
<Time required> 2 hours
<Reservation deadline> One week before the experience
<Minimum departure> XNUMX person
<Capacity> 45 people
<Price> 000 yen / person (tax included)
<Caution> Clean clothes, apron, sling, flour, etc.


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