Ninja trail fitness

Outline of plan

[Title] Ninja Trail Fitness [Minimum Departure] 1 person [Capacity] None [Set date] Tuesdays, temporary holidays, every day except the year-end and New Year holidays [Experience time] 10: 00-Higurashi (Tuesday, year-end and New Year holidays) [Necessary items ] Clothes and equipment suitable for trail practice [Cost] Kids (4th grade and above and junior high school students) 1,500 yen (tax included) General (high school students and above) 2,000 yen (tax included)
Number of participants
Events over 1+
Kids (4th grade and junior high school students) 1,500 yen (tax included) General (high school students and older) 2,000 yen (tax included)

Details of the plan

[Title] Ninja Trail Fitness
[Minimum departure] 1 person
[Capacity] None
[Setting date] Every day except Tuesday, special holiday, New Year holidays
[Experience time] 10:00-Higurashi (Tuesday, New Year holidays closed)
[Necessary] Clothing and equipment suitable for trail practice
[Cost] Kids (4th grade and junior high school students) 1,500 yen (tax included) General (high school students and older) 2,000 yen (tax included)

What is included in the cost
XNUMX. Sarubino hot spring bathing fee (with towel)
XNUMX. Changing room fee (shared with hot spring bathing facilities)
XNUMX. Baggage storage (please contact the hot spring facility reception)
XNUMX. Course map
XNUMX. Participant ID
XNUMX. Sponsorship insurance costs (accident insurance)

[Summary] Trail training is possible on a 1km / week mountain course in the Sarubino hot spring site.
You can try as many times as you want from 10:00 to Higurashi on Sarubino Hot Spring Business Day.
Be sure to complete the reception before the practice starts and at the end of the practice to confirm your safety.

[Host / Contact]
Oyamada Onsen Welfare Public Corporation (closed on Tuesdays)
1. Be sure to bring your health insurance card on the day.
2. Please complete the reception for safety management
3. We accept no responsibility except for accidents on the trail course.
4. We may refuse to enter the mountain if it is determined that it is not possible to conduct training due to stormy weather.
5. If you are absent due to your own circumstances, we will not refund your participation fee.
6. In addition to essential items, please bring your own necessary equipment such as behavioral food, drinking water, etc. at your own discretion.
7. Please put your participation certificate on the position of your chest that is easy to see.
XNUMX. Please use the designated place for luggage according to the staff's instructions.
However, please manage your valuables and broken items. The organizer is not responsible for loss.
XNUMX. Be sure to bring your own trash.
10. Please be careful about the surroundings, such as the vehicle on the course, contact with hot spring facility users.
[Rules for Nature Conservation]
1. This course is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.
Be aware of what happens in precious natural environments and adhere to the following rules:
2. The use of stock is forbidden in all courses.
3. Do not leave the course.
Where necessary for nature conservation, we may set no-overtaking or other restrictions.
4. Collecting and damaging animals, plants, fungi and rocks on the course and in all areas is prohibited.
5. Shortcuts on the corners of the course are prohibited as they will damage the vegetation.
6. Drinking springs, waterfalls and river water on the course is prohibited.
The organizer is not responsible for any illness after drinking.
7. Never throw away trash.
8. Please use the toilets in the facility for flights. When unavoidable, use a portable toilet, and be sure to take it home when using paper.
9. When participating, please cooperate with alleviating traffic congestion in the surrounding area and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by using public transportation and riding a car.
【Prohibited matter】
1. If you violate the following rules or do not follow the staff's attention, you may be stopped immediately.
2. Intentionally ruining the nature at the foot of Mt. Iga
3. Shortcut or run off the course
4. Discarding garbage
5. Participation Certificate Not Carried
7. Not following the instructions of the organizer staff, doctors, nurses and rescuers
8. Continue the trail despite the daylight hours
XNUMX. Reverse course
[Participant's responsibility]
1. Being fully aware of the peculiarity of continuing to drive in mountainous areas and conducting necessary training.
2. You have the ability to deal with any problems that may occur in this type of course and you understand that you are at your own risk.
3. To be able to cope with troubles expected in mountainous areas and bad weather (low temperature, strong wind, rain, snow) without relying on others.
4. Be able to cope with physical and mental problems caused by fatigue, problems with internal organs and digestive organs, pain in muscles, and minor injuries.
5. Be fully aware that if you encounter security issues in your activities in nature, you must respond with your own capabilities.
[Responsibilities of the organizer]
1. Place markings and information signs on the course.
2. Manage the athlete's safety through the staff with the duty of good attention.
3. Take liability and registration procedures on the day and take out accident insurance for everyone who has paid in.
(The organizer will provide emergency treatment for injuries, illnesses, and other accidents during the competition, but will not be held liable for any out of insurance coverage. Is not covered by insurance.)
(I do not participate in accident insurance, so please participate at your own risk.
Reference: Montbell Field Play Insurance (Domestic Travel Accident Insurance)
4. The scope of accident insurance for compensating for accidents, injuries and illnesses of competitors joined by the event organizer is as follows.
● Death 300 yen ● Admission (daily) 1,500 yen ● Outpatient (daily) 1,000 yen
5. In addition, respond to any unexpected force majeure, unexpected accidents on the course that are not intentional or gross negligence of the participants, destruction of trails, etc.

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