Hot spring yoga

Outline of plan

<日程> 2020年1月11日 2020年1月11日 2020年1月25日 2020年2月8日 2020年2月22日 2020年3月14日 2020年3月28日
<Time> 15: 00-16: 00
<Privileges> ①With Sarubino hot spring bathing ticket (re-bathing possible)
      ② With a set meal ticket for Sarubi
<Note> Easy to move clothes, towels, drinks, yoga mats (free rental available)
<Organizer> Oyamada Onsen Welfare Corporation (Sarubino)

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Number of participants
Events over 1+
¥ 2,500 / person

Details of the plan

Train and relax 3 "heart, body, breathing" that works well on mind and body
After yoga, relax further at the natural hot spring flowing from the source
Improves flexibility, body cleansing, mental stability, lower body enhancement, constipation relief
Lecturer is Makoto Mizuno, who teaches yoga at sports clubs and public halls in Mie Prefecture.

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