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宿 泊 Private house

original blueprint

Ninja original plan

  • Stress relief and immunity improvement plan

    [Ninja special plan recommended points] 1. "Agriculture experience" at an organic farm 2. "Eating with 3 meals" centered on organic friendly XNUMX. Relaxing "hot spring bathing" (with mokumoku farm bath ticket) ・ Eliminate stress Iga's Satoyama with a feeling of openness that heals the heart ・ Experience the experience of messing around with the soil, creating fields, and experience the richness of nature ・ Improve immunity and keep healthy

    1 to 10 name

    Adults: 7,000 yen / 4 yen per night after the 1th night Children: 6,000 yen / 3,500 yen per night after the 4th night (1 years and under)


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