Walking around the city

Walking around the city sake

original blueprint

Ninja original plan

  • Ride a rickshaw around the castle town of Iga Ueno

    Ride a rickshaw around the castle town of Iga Ueno

  • From Iga city to Sarubino hot spring or round pillar [1 night 2 days]

    After staying in Iga city and enjoying one day, go to Sarubino Onsen or round pillar area the next day

  • Round pillar-Iga city-Sarubino hot spring [1 night 2 days]

    After experiencing Iga-yaki at the workshop, move to Iga city for sightseeing. Move to Sarubino Hot Spring in the evening and there is also an auto campsite!

  • Sarubino-Iga city-round pillar [1 night 2 days]

    Recommended flow for access from Mie Prefecture! There are plenty of activities at Sarubino Onsen. It's good to play at noon and barbecue at night with round pillars across Iga City.

  • Round pillar-Iga city [Day trip]

    Be careful with round pillars as you can't go around shops without a car! Shiga Prefecture is also nearby. I want you to try Iga rice and Iga Yaki!

  • Iga city-Iga baked experience with round pillar [Day trip]

    After going to the shop you want to go to in Iga city, let's go to Iga ware town, round pillar in about 20 minutes by car!

  • Iga city-Sarubino hot spring course [Day trip]

    There are many cute cafes in front of Ueno-shi station, so you can walk around the shops. If you enjoy it, it is about 30 minutes by car, anyway, take a break at the hottest Sarubino hot spring ♪


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